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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Faculty Housing

Whether one is a day or resident student, one of the incredible benefits of attending a boarding school is that one’s teachers also coach, advise, live on campus, and regularly take meals side-by-side with their students. Our teachers, and their families, thus teach our students formal and informal lessons. They support and provide living examples of what it means to live purposefully and joyously. This is a big role, and one that adds to the challenge of recruiting and retaining stellar people. This task is especially difficult in an area like Monterey Bay where the cost of living is well above the national average.

Stevenson has plans to build four duplex houses along Faculty Row, doubling the number of homes available for our faculty. Two duplexes are complete and we have permits to complete the final two.

The school needs to raise $5 million to complete this project. 

Contact Us

For more information how you can support these capital projects, please contact:

Amy Elmore
Senior Director of Development
Ph: (831) 625-8354 or

Frank Reynolds
Major Gift Officer
Ph: (831) 625-8254 or