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Preserving the Legacy of Matt Slautterback '89

"Loose But Amped"

Matthew Munro Slautterback '89 will forever be recalled as an exemplary member of our tribe. As a student, artist, friend, and athlete, he embodied our Latin motto—Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re ("Gentle in manner, resolute in action")—which emphasizes perseverance and humility.

Coach Jeff Young recalls:

Wherever Matt roamed, his sincerity, compassion, and respect for others was unfailing and an inspiration to us all. His peers and teachers felt such a genuine connection with him. He was one of our very best.

For many years, a plaque honoring Matt has served to remind us of his life and values, and his commitment to Stevenson lacrosse as a superb goalie. It includes an excerpt from a list he wrote out in his sophomore year at Middlebury College describing the ten essential points of being a goalie:

10. Whatever happens—Wing it—go with it & save the ball. Remember to be loose but amped and that there are certain things you can do to be better but that things will happen in games and in practice that are beyond your control. Don't think twice about them. Go with it.

As generations of Pirate lacrosse alumni know, this plaque is an important part of the team's pregame ritual, and “loose but amped” is a mantra in the face of any challenge.

As the Jeff and Beth Young Athletic Fields Project began to take shape, everyone agreed that this long-awaited improvement to our campus presented a great opportunity to ensure that Matt and his story remain forever an important part of Stevenson's athletic culture. Towards that end, the practice wall on the new field will be known as "Matt's Wall," and a new plaque—honoring Matt as a bridge between Stevenson and Middlebury, and still featuring his sage advice—will continue to inspire teams in the minutes before they take the field, and also kids who, carrying just their stick and a bag of balls, head up to the complex at dawn or dusk to work hard, get better, and demonstrate the same commitment to excellence that was Matt's hallmark.

This project is complete.

The plaque that was donated to honor Matt many years ago served as a touchstone for lacrosse teams. This new plaque at the wall will allow the tradition to continue.

Donor list:

Tyler T. Allen ’10
Rachel ’92 and Nduka Amankulor
John Atherton
Nathaniel Badder
Dana A. Bambace ’91 and Bryan Duarte
Michael Beckwith
Bill and Melissa Belleville
Peter Benedict
Mark and Patricia Boitano
Christopher J. ’89 and Nicole M. Bosso
Sarah G. and Robert L. Bouchier
Molly K. and Andrew T. Bozzo ’89
Alex Brensilver
Michael R. ’89 and Kim Bruneau
Heidi and Monte Burke
Dave Campbell
Bradley Corrigan
Dionne C. and Christopher W. Dalhamer ’89
Warren Dowd
Tim and Jennifer Elliott
Howard M. and Karin Evans
Christine and Jonathan Fairhurst
Katie and Scott Falzone
Robert E. and Ruth Ann Flowers
Peter J. ’66 and Ann Fluor
David P. Fredrickson ’92
Hillary M. Joseph Fredrickson ’92
George and Susan Fugelsang
Charles Dana Gibson
Garret Gifford
Andrew Harwood
Harry R. and Carol C. Harwood
Laura Harwood
Roy Heffernan
Cornelia C. Holden and Kevin M. Hicks ’85
Peter Hiller and Celeste Williams
Joel A. ’88 and Wendy Holland
William Hovey
Jim T. Hsu ’94
Carol Hunter
Clea Karlstrom
Shannon M. ’89 and Seth W. Karm
Jason Keighery
Jennifer F. ’89 and Jonathan Kirk
Charles R. ’89 and April Kobayashi
Stephen Kocaj
Ranjan A. Lahiri ’89
Lorraine P. ’92 and Mark Lalin
Judith Lawrence
Eric J. ’89 and Kim Le Towt
John E. Ledger ’89
Heather Lefcourt
Judith and Larry Lippman
Dr. Arthur and Cynthia Lochridge
Dave Low
Patricia and David Maddox
Stephanie A. Mann ’92
Jennifer Marsh
Sally and Pete Masucci
Richard and Mary Pat McCormick
Jane and John McCoy
John McCulloch
Anthony M. McHale ’83
Kathleen M. McMurdo
Susan W. Miller
Aaron Moatz
Alfred J. and Stella Mohr
Elena L. ’89 and Topher Mueller
Sean Murphy
Joe and Kathleen Nigro
Matthew J. ’90 and Carri A. Olin
Jessica and Franz Paul
Kai ’89 and Renee M. Peters
Mia H. ’89 and Mark B. Peterson ’89
Stephen C. ’88 and Katherine S. Pretzer
Matthew K. Rayner
Joseph R. Rheim
Robert D. Ritter
David R. ’86 and Anne Rosenberg
Jeff and Karen Ruddy
Allison R. Rueckl 2003
Amy E. Rueckl ’99
Katie Rueckl ’95 and Brad Webster
Bill and Megan Schatz
Alexandra B. ’89 and Peter Schuman
Megan Shattuck
Matthew C. ’89 and Katie Shea
Robert V. Sideli
Courtney Slautterback Harwood ’92 and Rammy Harwood
William and Ann Slautterback
Dr. Michael Smith and Pamela Breslin
Eliza Pillard and Ken Spencer
Peter D Steinle
Matthew K. Thompson
Ralph W. III and Twyla A. Thompson
Chris Vlasto
Michael Walker
John B. and Deborah C. Ward
John R. ’88 and Tana Ward
Craig R. Westling
Nicholas L. Whitman
Richard Witmer
Ian F. Wolfe
Matthew Wolfman
Justin D. Woo ’92
Daisuke ’91 and Rie Yamada
Jeff and Beth Young
Todd D. ’92 and Jessica Zander
Andrew T. ’89 and Katie Zaninovich
Mary Jane Zecher