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Honoring the Memory of Wendy Hayward '86

President Kevin M. Hicks ’85 speaks to student leaders about the significance of the Wendy Ann Hayward ’86 New Student Orientation.

Always a Warm Welcome

Many people recall Wendy Hayward '86 as the first person they met when stepping onto our campus. Welcoming everyone with a wry smile, a heartfelt greeting, and a passion for our community, she always demonstrated a keen sense of knowing when someone needed a helping hand. It was important to Wendy that each one of her peers felt that they truly belonged at RLS.

To honor Wendy’s memory, we have renamed our orientation program for new students the Wendy Ann Hayward '86 New Student Orientation. This program, which begins well before classes start, helps new students get to know one another and their new home, and introduces them to our core values - safety, trust, respect, belonging, and inclusion - through activities that create lasting relationships. 

The program continues for the freshman class with an overnight retreat at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains, where students participate in team-building exercises and games, activities, and discussions that help them connect with one another and the seniors and faculty who accompany them. 

The School seeks to endow the Wendy Ann Hayward '86 New Student Orientation to honor Wendy’s legacy. This program will continue to bring future generations of Pirates together, creating a positive, welcoming experience and an immediate sense of belonging when they first arrive on campus. We are honored to commemorate Wendy in this manner and invite all Pirates to support this important program in her name.

Make a Gift

The Wendy Ann Hayward ‘86 New Student Orientation Fund will be used annually to support the activities associated with orientation day and the overnight retreat.

“Money is like horse manure, it should be spread around, encouraging young things to grow." 
–One of Wendy's favorite quotations from the musical Hello Dolly, as noted in her senior yearbook.