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Giving to The Hold Fast Fund

Contact Us

For more information how you can support the Hold Fast Fund, please contact:

Amy Elmore
Director of Advancement
Ph: (831) 625-8354 or aelmore@stevensonschool.org

The Hold Fast Fund helps Stevenson meet the urgent needs of current students and employees arising from dramatic shifts in their financial circumstances owing to, for example, health crises, unemployment, and homelessness. Using the utmost discretion in order to protect people’s privacy, it can help defray such unanticipated expenses as emergency medical charges, short-term rent and food costs, and additional support required for School-related charges, such as tuition, test fees, and college applications.

Though Stevenson has always endeavored to respond favorably to such requests for help as they arise, the School created this dedicated fund at the urging of alumni who, having been the beneficiaries of such generosity as students, wished to express their gratitude by “paying it forward.” The fund went unnamed until the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, at which time the School’s president, Dr. Kevin M. Hicks ’85 P ’29, encouraged faculty to “hold fast” in the face of challenges posed by the virus. He wrote:

Hold Fast, as you may know, is an expression that comes from nautical life, and it associates with the rough weather axiom ‘One hand for you and one hand for your ship,’ meaning essentially: take care of yourself so that you can perform your duty, and in doing so keep the ship we're all on together afloat. Hold fast, Pirates, and when all is said and done we will surely be counted among those institutions that proved equal to this challenge.

Because his letter resonated with its broader audience—specifically current and past parents, and alumni—and coincided with radical increases in the volume and intensity of requests for help with families adversely impacted by the pandemic, “Hold Fast” seemed to be the name the fund had been waiting for.