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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Grade 1

In Grade 1, we capitalize on the curiosity and enthusiasm of our young learners. Understanding that our students learn best by doing, we provide children the skills, tools, materials, and attention they need to experience, explore, and experiment. We assist them in planning, organizing, and discussing their observations of the world around them through inquiry based instruction and mediated learning. Reading, math, language arts, and spelling are integrated with social studies, and Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM). Utilizing Fundations as a base reading curriculum, students learn phonemic awareness and phonics to support their decoding and encoding skills resulting in reading and writing fluency. The Singapore Math curriculum provides a scope and sequence for students to work with number concepts using manipulatives, models, measuring instruments, telling time, and other tools leading to symbolic applications.

Grade 1 Teaching Team

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John Collett
B.S., Bucknell University
M.S., Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin

Jennifer Rauber
A.A., Monterey Peninsula College
B.A., California State University, Monterey Bay







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