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Grade 3

Grade 3 students engage in learning, playing, and growing in a program designed to provide daily challenge, support, joy, and success. In Grade 3, we work to build strong relationships with both children and parents, knowing children achieve the most positive growth when family life and school community work in concert. We carefully assess each student's academic, physical, and social/emotional needs to plan appropriate individualized learning experiences. At this developmental stage, students are naturally inclined to expand their interests and abilities, and to celebrate their own and others' accomplishments. We place a particular emphasis on new growth in the areas of independence, confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Grade 3 inspires students’ unique appreciation for the interrelatedness of all disciplines, especially as they reflect our greater world community. Instructional learning groups are diverse, fluid, and flexible in order to enhance effectiveness in relation to learning goals. Collaboration, partnerships, small and large group work, whole class and individual guidance, and reinforcement are all provided depending on the needs of the learners. Enrichment and attention to special needs are offered to provide for optimum challenge. Through collaboration, partnerships, and group work, we provide individual guidance and reinforcement to meet the needs of all of our learners. Stevenson Grade 3 is a dynamic, vibrant classroom—just right for its energetic and enthusiastic Grade 3 Pirates!


Grade 3 Teaching Team

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