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In the Pre-Kindergarten (PK) classroom we nurture a trusting and caring relationship between teacher and child by providing a safe, loving, and happy place to join our school community. Our goal is to foster cooperation and empathy along with self-confidence and self-control. The program promotes a learning environment that encourages individuals to thrive and realize developmental and academic milestones. Our curriculum prioritizes process over product, and we value play as an important part of that process. We want children to develop a love of learning.

Children applying to PK must turn 4 years old by September 10 of their enrollment year.

Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Team

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Jennifer Green
B.A. California State University

Marlene Sato
A.A., Hartnell College
Reggio Emilia Institute, Italy

Blair Cronin
B.A., San Francisco State University
M.A. Lesley University


Lower Division Academics