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Tier Two (Don't Delete)


Stevenson School's lower division provides families with the following resources designed to support student's academic and social-emotional success.

Lower Division Pirate Planners

Part of academic success is organization. Lower division students receive an age-appropriate version of the Pirate Planner, and teachers use enlarged display versions of a weekly calendar page to teach students how to maintain a written record of their school assignments.

School Policies

The lower division school policies are designed to clearly describe the expectations for students, parents, faculty, and, staff to facilitate communication and shared understanding.

Download the Lower Division school policies here.

Uniform Specifications

Stevenson School's uniform policy for the lower and middle divisions is designed to help alleviate the stressors that arise during adolescence surrounding the increasing complexity in social dynamics. See the Uniform Specifications here.

To provide differentiated instruction that meets needs of individual students, the lower division provides additional training, materials, and coaching to support teachers’ and parents' ability to understand, prepare for, and accommodate all learners. To learn more, visit the Philosophy and Support Page.