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World Languages

Teacher teaching Mandarin to three young children

The Department of World Languages, a team of devoted, passionate and enthusiastic educators, strives to develop competency and passion for world languages and cultures in each and every learner.

The Department endeavors to:

  • Provide an environment that develops learners’ interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational language skills
  • Create student-centered language learning experiences to promote communication, creativity and critical thinking
  • Prepare our students to live successfully as global citizens in a culturally and linguistically diverse world
  • Instill a love of languages and a passion for lifelong language learning

Language Offerings


The goals of the Spanish program are to introduce and improve upon the students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and to expose students to Spanish-speaking cultures, so they can explore the similarities and differences among people across borders or even just across the room. Students learn vocabulary and dialogues through cooperative activities, games, songs, projects, and assignments. Returning Stevenson students have a solid Spanish foundation, a working conversational vocabulary, and an understanding of the basic structures of grammar. Students new to Spanish will work closely with their teacher in order to meet their needs as new language learners.


The ability to communicate in Mandarin is a distinguishing skill for American citizens in our global economy. By introducing Chinese at an early age in a fun and engaging way, our students will be more prepared as they begin to choose their learning and career paths. The curriculum is designed to help students with no prior background in Mandarin develop functional communication abilities in spoken and written Mandarin. By using the standard phonetic system, a variety of authentic materials, and vocabulary and sentence patterns, students learn to make statements, ask and respond to questions, and engage in conversations based upon culturally authentic situations.

Lower Division World Languages Faculty

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Michelle Schied, Spanish
B.A., Elementary Education, University of Maryland
M.A., Education, University of Colorado

Jennifer Sutherland, Spanish
B.A. Spanish, Salve Regina University
M.A. Spanish, Middlebury College

Carlyn Vachow, Mandarin
B.A., Middlebury College




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