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Meet the Teachers

The caliber of and thoughtfulness about teaching and learning at Stevenson is demonstrably outstanding in its depth, joyful intensity, innovation, and relevance. The classroom, and thereby our teachers, remain at the heart of our enterprise.

Search Faculty-Staff Directory - Lower Division

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Jahnna Biddle-De La Rosa

Director of Dance: Lower and Middle Divisions

Molly Bozzo

Head of Lower and Middle Divisions

Stacey Cimoli

Executive Administrator for the Lower and Middle Divisons

John Collett

Mathematics Department Chair: Lower and Middle Divisions and Grade 2

Olivia Cortez

Teacher's Assistant: Lower and Middle Divisions

Blair Cronin


Roxanne DiMaggio

Physical Education: Lower Division

Adil Ech-chahi

Technical Support Engineer

Robyn Erman

Communications Manager and Registrar: Lower and Middle Divisions

Jessica Gentry

Mathematics: Middle Division

Lisa Gordon

History: Middle Division

Jennifer Green


Kathryn Haggquist

Grade 5 Transition Teacher Spanish: Middle Division

Erica Herro

Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Lower and Middle Divisions
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 20 of 46 constituents