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Message from the Head

Dear Prospective Family,

Stevenson’s approach to teaching and learning places the child at the center of the learning experience. With a sudden shift necessitated by COVID-19, our faculty and students in the lower division moved to remote learning without missing a single day of instruction.

Even now, under these challenging conditions, our PK-4 students are learning how to inquire, to observe multiple perspectives, and to transform their ideas into meaningful action. Teachers are working with their students and their students’ families to provide 1:1 differentiated instruction. 

It is our fundamental belief that each child is unique, and that it is our responsibility to help each one learn, grow, and thrive. The faculty is trained to facilitate students’ opportunities, track their progress, and inspire their appetite for achievement employing practices based on the educational philosophies of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Eleanor Duckworth, and Reuven Feuerstein. Ultimately, our students not only master what they need to know in order to succeed to the best of their ability in Grades 5-8, but also how to advocate for themselves as learners and as people, how to be a responsible community member, and how to be both balanced and brave.

Simply put, since the founding of Stevenson’s Carmel Campus in 1988, the children have always been at the precise center of everything we do. The greatest honor we can hold is the opportunity to help them shape lives predicated on joy, determination, and wonder. 


Molly K. Bozzo
Head of the Lower and Middle Divisions

Molly K. Bozzo
Head of the Lower and Middle Divisions

Remote Instruction