Tier Two (Don't Delete)


To provide differentiated instruction that meets needs of individual students, the lower division provides additional training, materials, and coaching to support teachers’ and parents' ability to understand, prepare for, and accommodate all learners.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Stevenson’s director of curriculum and instruction provides support to students and parents at the Carmel Campus, such as:

  • Offering parent education nights
  • Collaborating with teachers about curriculum and instruction, materials, assessments and optimizing student outcomes
  • Coordinating appropriate learning support for individual student needs
  • Considering best practices in teaching and learning to support professional development for teachers, curriculum for all learners, and assessment to support an engaged learning environment
  • Considering accessibility in curriculum (executive functioning tools, audio books, screen readers, voice typing)
  • Overseeing study strategies, standardized testing (MAP), and office hours
  • Offering parents a forum to communicate about their children's individual learning needs
  • Providing educational testing and monitoring accommodations
  • Offering dedicated educational support and advocacy with parents, teachers, and standardized testing agencies
  • Referring families to private tutors as needed

Lower Division Pirate Planners

Part of academic success is organization. Lower division students receive an age-appropriate version of the Pirate Planner, and teachers use enlarged display versions of a weekly calendar page to teach students how to maintain a written record of their school assignments.

School Policies

Uniform Specifications

Summer Assignments

Summer materials are distributed by each teacher at the end of the school year. Please contact Sylvie Ishi, director of admission, lower and middle divisions, with any questions.