Tier Two (Don't Delete)



English curriculum develops thinking and language together through formal Harkness discussion and prioritizes students’ ability to produce clear, coherent written expression, in which the structure, organization, and technique are appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience.


The scientific method teaches how to observe and explain; technology provides the tools to investigate, analyze, and communicate; engineering principles guide designing for solutions; and math is the language that supports an engaged, evidence-based discussion.


The Electives Program gives students a voice in the educational offerings outside of the core curriculum. Courses adapt annually according to student interest and faculty expertise.


Students acquire the knowledge, skills, and judgment that enable them to participate intelligently, justly, and responsibly in civic life, and in deliberation about local, national, and international issues.


The arts programs provide a rich and engaging curriculum that encourages students to challenge themselves—to look beyond their horizons, to develop new skills, to take risks, and to dream.


Stevenson School's middle division provides families with the several resources designed to support student's academic and social-emotional success.


Students and teachers work together to solidify a sense of competence, confidence, and purpose. Topics are integrated into a problem-centered approach in which students continually encounter mathematics in a meaningful context, enabling them to draw, and then verify, their own conclusions.


The Spanish program introduces and improves upon students' speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Spanish. Through exposure to different cultures, students explore the similarities and differences with people across oceans, across borders, or even just across the room.

Grade Reporting

The Middle Division (Grades 5–8) reports on a student's progress four times each year.