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The middle division Arts Program consists of four interrelated disciplines: art, dance, music, and theater. Grade 5 students participate in courses from all four disciplines. Students in Grades 6-8 choose two arts courses per year for more in-depth study. Arts teachers work in concert to support each other’s programs and activities often collaborating to showcase students’ talents. All middle division students participate in performances at Keck Auditorium and/or the Art Show in the Rosen Student Center on the Pebble Beach Campus. The arts programs provide a rich and engaging curriculum that encourages students to challenge themselves—to look beyond their horizons, to develop new skills, to take risks, and to dream.

Guidelines for the Arts Curriculum

  • The arts are essential to the education of all students.
  • Students exercise and display multiple intelligences through the arts.
  • Understanding of human growth and development shapes effective arts curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Comprehensive and sequential arts programs encourage students to make multicultural and interdisciplinary connections.
  • Authentic assessment in the arts is designed to demonstrate what students know and can do; it provides a model for assessing all complex learning.
  • Creating and sustaining high quality arts programs require partnerships among all faculty and between the school and community.


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