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Tier Two (Don't Delete)


The Electives Program gives students a voice in the educational offerings outside of the core curriculum. Courses adapt annually according to student interest and faculty expertise. Students in Grades 7 and 8 choose their world language, one elective within the arts, and two additional electives derived from student surveys.

Current Elective Courses


Cooking class offers students the opportunity to create delicious food using organic ingredients and seasonably available fruits and vegetables. Students bake with reduced sugar and substitute white flour for organic wholemeal flour. In the past, students have prepared a number of items including healthy dips, hummus, fruit cobbler, pumpkin bread, Thai pumpkin soup, and cornbread. Students learn safe food handling and preparation practices and discussions pertaining to healthy and nutritious food choices.


In this introductory class, students will learn how to use an automatic digital camera to take great pictures. They will work with iPhoto (and possibly additional software) to organize and edit their photographs. Students who have access to a digital camera from home are encouraged to bring their own. The school will provide cameras for use during class sessions to students who do not have access to a digital camera. 


Students begin the Woodshop elective learning safety protocol and appropriate behavior in a shop class environment. Along with safety, the students learn how to use basic hand tools such as tape measures, speed squares, sanding blocks, hammers, and chisels. In addition, they learn how to use battery operated hand drills and impact screw guns. Past projects have included work benches, three dimensional boxes, salad utensils, and self selected projects.