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At Stevenson, the library is more than just a building. It’s a comprehensive system spanning two campuses, designed to introduce students to the world of reading and research and to instill in them a delight in learning as they reach for academic success. Included in our library system are:

Classroom Libraries for grades PK-8: Nearly 5,000 unique titles of books and video are housed within the classrooms of the Carmel Campus and can be searched here in the

Library Catalog

The best possible means to encourage and stimulate reading is to surround students with a print rich environment. This is precisely the advantage offered by Stevenson’s Carmel Campus. Our size enables us to create classroom collections, which are pedagogically preferable to a centralized library because they place resources in immediate proximity to their users.


Ricklefs Library: Located on our Pebble Beach Campus, the Ricklefs Library houses a robust and diverse collection of about 12,000 volumes, including award-winning fiction, non-fiction and popular reading, as well as hundreds of DVDs and dozens of periodicals, ranging from The Economist to Backpacker and Wired.

Laptop Research: Starting in the elementary grades, students use our cyber library to help in research for school projects. Not simply an online catalog of our library resources, the cyber library also contains access to age appropriate, grade level tested and screened web resources. Whether it is a 4th grader discovering information about the Mission period in California history, a 6th grader researching their ideas for our “Invention Convention” or an 8th grader working on a California History Day project, our cyber library’s electronic resources and the services of the school librarian are there to help. In the middle school grades, students can complete this research on their own laptop computers as part of the grade 5-12 laptop computer program.

Local Libraries Visitations: Elementary grades have a visitation program with both the Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel and the Ricklefs Library on the Pebble Beach Campus to supplement the program in their classroom libraries. Students work with the Stevenson library staff and their teachers to learn about library research as well as discovering the resources for reading for fun in this once monthly addition to our library curriculum.

Summer Reading Program: Over the summer, students in grade 3 through grade 11 have summer reading assignments to prepare them for the coming year. Readings based on both classroom themes and literature genres for the coming year are assigned to keep students engaged in the learning process over the summer. Students start the year with assignments related to their summer reading. Please contact us for reading lists for the Carmel Campus (Grades PK-8) and the Pebble Beach Campus (Grades 9-12).

Visit the Pebble Beach Campus Library webpage here.

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California Missions

California Missions Resource Center
California Missions Foundation
Virtual Tours of the California Missions

Science Fair Research Links

Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Research Process
Science Buddies

Internet Links

As an alternate to Google searching - Kids can use Kidsclick! Also, use the WebPath Express, found in our Library Catalog.

Click here for fun websites.

Click here for websites with games.

Online resources for Homework assistance:

Homework Help on just about any topic

See also Monterey Public Library and Harrison Memorial Library Kid's Pages for live online tutoring through BrainFuse. (local library card required.)

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