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The Spanish department, a team of devoted, passionate and enthusiastic educators, strives to develop competency and passion for world languages and cultures in each and every learner.

The department endeavors to:

  • Provide an environment that develops learners’ interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational language skills
  • Create student-centered language learning experiences to promote communication, creativity and critical thinking
  • Prepare our students to live successfully as global citizens in a culturally and linguistically diverse world
  • Instill a love of languages and a passion for lifelong language learning

Spanish is designed to allow new Spanish learners to study alongside continuing students who have had up to six years of exposure to Spanish language and culture in our lower division program. As with other humanities courses, Spanish emphasizes reading, discussion, and writing. Students are introduced to progressively more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures with stories and storytelling providing curricular context for acquiring fluency. Spanish activities, lessons, and programs showcase new cultures and new customs from Spain and Mexico, to Chile, Costa Rica, the Caribbean. Students graduate with the ability to understand, present, read, and write information about familiar topics and also on concrete social and academic topics, using phrases and detailed sentences

Middle Division World Languages Faculty