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Welcome to Middle Division Athletics

boy and girl playing flag football

Physical Education and After-School Sports

Lower and Middle Division Athletics is divided into two programs that support each other year-round: Physical Education and After-School Sports. With emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect, both programs promote health, fitness, socialization, and a positive self-image for all participants. Students engage in group activities structured according to age and ability.

In addition to our spacious playgrounds and blacktop areas, the Athletics Program is supported with a state-of-the-art turf field.

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Physical Education

Physical Education

In Physical Education (P.E.) students receive formal instruction in the school gym or outside on the school playgrounds and field areas. Students in Kindergarten–Grade 8 are required to participate and must wear a P.E. uniform. The program is designed to allow students to succeed and feel good about their kinetic achievements such as balancing, jumping, landing, throwing, kicking, and running.

Through a variety of movement, all students develop an awareness of the concepts of space, time, and effort, plus a basic understanding of how and why the body works during exercise. Individual and group activities promote a fun, noncompetitive, and educational environment.

After-School Sports

After-School Sports

Students in the Middle Division are introduced to team and individual sports. Stevenson offers interscholastic competition in soccer, volleyball, and cross country during the fall term; flag football, and basketball during the winter term; and track and field, golf, and tennis during the spring term. Students who sign up for team sports compete against other local middle school teams within the MTJAL. The emphasis within the athletics program is on teamwork, sportsmanship, healthy competition, learning, and fun.



The guiding principle of the program over the years has been ‘Play, Learn, and Win’.

Play: Students are encouraged to play the sports they like and try out new ones. Stevenson students are encouraged to play as many sports as they can regardless of experience or ability.

Learn: As competitive as middle school sports can become, the major emphasis is on learning. A significant accomplishment for the program is to introduce students to a new sport, have them enjoy the new experience so much they want to continue playing after their time on the Carmel Campus. Similarly, the program benefits when experienced athletes learn how to win and play in a variety of environments.

Win: While not the first objective, winning is an important objective. Winning takes on many forms. Scores and records are documented, but a win can be more than just the final score. Winning is about finding success, learning from failure, and maintaining a positive approach throughout the process.

Overall, a balance between success and sportsmanship is the ultimate guiding philosophy.