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Meet the Teachers

The caliber of and thoughtfulness about teaching and learning at Stevenson is demonstrably outstanding in its depth, joyful intensity, innovation, and relevance. The classroom, and thereby our teachers, remain at the heart of our enterprise.

Search Faculty-Staff Directory - Middle Division

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Brooke Higgins

World Languages Department Chair: Lower and Middle Divisions and Spanish and Mathmatics: Middle Division

Joseph Hildula

English: Middle Division

Willie Hunter

Facilities Supervisor: Carmel Campus

Sylvia Ishii

Director of Admission: Lower and Middle Divisions and Associate Head of Lower and Middle Divisions

Katie Klevan

Physical Education: Middle Division and Stevenson Summer Camp Director, Pebble Beach Campus

Philip Koontz

Art: K-Grade 1 and Grades 6-8

Manon Lapointe-Pratt

Long term substitute

Haddie Lueddeke

Dean of Middle Divison Mathematics: Middle Division

James Paoletti

Director of Music Program Carmel Campus

Nita Grace Pettigrew

English: Middle Division

Madison Randazzo

Lower and Middle Division Budget Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Andrew Rogers

STEM: Middle Division

Daniel Rosenthal

History: Middle Division and Woodshop

Sally Russell

Art: Grades 2-6 and 8
< 1 2 3 > showing 21 - 40 of 50 constituents