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Meet the Teachers

The caliber of and thoughtfulness about teaching and learning at Stevenson is demonstrably outstanding in its depth, joyful intensity, innovation, and relevance. The classroom, and thereby our teachers, remain at the heart of our enterprise.

Search Faculty-Staff Directory - Middle Division

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Susan Rymzo

Director of Admission: Lower and Middle Divisions

Carlos Sanchez

Facilities Department-Grounds: Lower and Middle Divisions

Marlene Sato


Anthony Schipper

Dean of Humanities: Middle Division

J.R. Sosky

After-School Program Director STEM: Middle Division, STEM: Middle Division

Amy Spencer

History: Middle Division

Jennifer Sutherland

Spanish: Lower and Middle Divisions

Gretchen Thompson

Mathematics: Middle Division

Carlyn Vachow

Admission Associate: Lower and Middle Divisions and Lower Division Mandarin Chinese

Richard Walker

STEM: Middle Division

Jennifer Wood

English: Middle Division
< 1 2 3 showing 41 - 52 of 52 constituents