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A Message from the Head of the Lower and Middle Divisions

One year, almost to the day, the middle division returned to on-campus instruction.  After enduring through the complex atmosphere of remote learning, remaining devoted to our practice of teaching learning virtual for almost 365 days, the faculty leapt at the opportunity to return to campus instruction.  And so here we are, once again. The Mission campus bursts with joy, wonder, grit, and delight.
Stevenson’s core values—safety, trust, respect, inclusion, and belonging—are more important now than ever before. Coupled with our well-established dedication to fostering our students’ courage, creativity, and resilience, our School’s commitment to these core values has afforded our students opportunities to thrive despite the complex, unprecedented challenges associated with the pandemic.  
The past six months illuminate the best of Stevenson. We did not allow the challenges of being physically apart deter us from meeting our students’ needs, which in our estimation go well beyond our academic program. Having invited constructive feedback from our students and their parents, and engaged collegially with one another, our teachers have devoted themselves to continually refining their approach to remote instruction. The results have been remarkable. 
The past two semesters have provided transformational lessons in how to teach and learn remotely. Teachers in all three divisions have found new and innovative ways to engage students both intellectually and emotionally—and many of these methods will transfer powerfully back to our traditional learning spaces once we resume campus instruction. Meanwhile, there has been no reduction in either academic rigor or intellectual inspiration, and we’ve worked relentlessly to sustain the greatest possible level of connection given these difficult circumstances.
We did not wait for the pandemic to go away in order to move our School forward. 
Regardless of the conditions we face, we must continually adapt, adjust, and get better. Our teachers’ drive to grow in service to their students is always insatiable. Holding joy and wonder at the core of their practice, they have leaned into this moment with confidence and curiosity, and our students and their families have reaped the benefits. 
We look forward to seeing you in person soon.
With great care,
Molly K. Bozzo
Head of the Lower and Middle Divisions

Molly K. Bozzo
Head of the Lower and Middle Divisions