Tier Two (Don't Delete)


To provide differentiated instruction that meets needs of individual students, the middle division provides additional training, materials, and coaching to support teachers’ and parents' ability to understand, prepare for, and accommodate all learners.


Each student is assigned a faculty advisor to assist with with every aspect of school life. Daily small group advisory meetings are held throughout the year, and advisors serve as the first point of contact for all parent concerns.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Stevenson’s director of curriculum and instruction provides support to students and parents at the Carmel Campus, such as:

  • Offering parent education nights
  • Collaborating with teachers about curriculum and instruction, materials, assessments and optimizing student outcomes
  • Coordinating appropriate learning support for individual student needs
  • Considering best practices in teaching and learning to support professional development for teachers, curriculum for all learners, and assessment to support an engaged learning environment
  • Considering accessibility in curriculum (executive functioning tools, audio books, screen readers, voice typing)
  • Overseeing study strategies, standardized testing (MAP), and office hours
  • Offering parents a forum to communicate about their children's individual learning needs
  • Providing educational testing and monitoring accommodations
  • Offering dedicated educational support and advocacy with parents, teachers, and standardized testing agencies
  • Referring families to private tutors as needed
  • Communicating with the Learning Center at the Pebble Beach Campus to facilitate a smooth transition to the high school


The Stevenson School library is a comprehensive system spanning two campuses, designed to introduce students to the world of reading and research and to instill in them a delight in learning as they reach for academic success. To visit the online library, click here.

Materials & Supplies List

The cost of all required materials and supplies is included in tuition. During the first week of school, middle division students will receive materials that include:

  • Textbooks*
  • Binders
  • Binder paper
  • Calculators*
  • Composition books
  • Dance uniforms (leotards, tights, jazz pants, and appropriate shoes)*

*These materials will be distributed to students in September. Grade 8 students are required to use graphing calculators. Student accounts will be billed for this item, only. If textbooks, calculators, or any elements of the dance uniform are lost, families are responsible for replacement.

Students are expected to have personalized items such as:

  • A Globe-Weis® Fabric Poly expanding letter file available at Amazon.
  • Highlighters, pencils, pens, and sharpies
  • Pencil cases
  • Backpack
  • Metal mess kit for use on Age of Sail and Science Camp (a sleeping bag and a metal mess kit that includes: an 8-12 inch plate or bowl, cup for hot/cold drinks, and silverware).

Middle Division Pirate Planners

Part of academic success is organization. Students receive a plan book called the Pirate Planner in which they maintaining a written record of all school assignments. It is important for both parents and teachers to periodically check student plan books to make sure that they are being used effectively.

School Policies

Summer Assignments

To go to the Summer Assignments page, please click here.


The computer use component of Community Citizenship helps students form healthy and informed perspectives on using digital tools in order to become contributing citizens who make ethical and responsible choices honoring their identities and the beliefs of others. Students explore themes of digital safety and security, search and research, kindness and respect, digital footprint, creativity, and screen time. Students receive an orientation or a refresher on computer use and Stevenson’s computer use policy. They learn about care and handling of their laptops; participate in keyboarding instruction and practice using the Herzog System of Keyboarding; practice formatting, naming, saving and organizing documents; create bookmarks; learn email etiquette and new tools in Canvas and Google Docs; and learn and practice MLA formatting, digital citizenship and internet safety through discussions, games, and interactive activities. Digital Passport and Interland are two of the sources of information used for this essential exploration. Topics range from a student’s digital footprint, to how to avoid phishing, to a healthy use of screen time. Students also learn how to change settings on their laptops to minimize distractions such as pop-ups, messaging, and volume controls. Middle grade students engage in an ongoing dialogue with their teachers and peers about what is working and what is not, and support is provided to work through tech challenges.

Please see our technology pages for additional information about computer use at Stevenson.

Uniform Specifications