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At the present time, we expect that all students will once again be on campus in the fall semester. 

Once the state and county guidance we need to finalize our planning is issued (by late July, we expect), we will swiftly finalize and share our plans to ensure community safety as students return to campus. All of your questions about travel restrictions, quarantine periods, vaccinations, pre-arrival testing, masking, and physical distancing will be definitively answered at this time.

If you have further questions about our return to campus instruction, please contact either Mrs. Molly Bozzo, head of the lower and middle divisions, or Dr. Dan Griffiths, head of the upper division.

The resources below, which describe our successful return to campus instruction across all three divisions, are now obsolete but are maintained here for your review. Collectively, they demonstrate the approach we have taken to ensuring community safety while providing superb instruction since the pandemic began. New versions of these resources will be distributed when we receive updated guidance from the state and county in late July.

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