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August 2019
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2019-2020 Academic Calendar

Vacation Travel Planning

Opening Schedule 20192019-2020 Travel PlanningAthletic Pre-season Training

Academic Year 2019-2020

2019-2020 At-A-Glance

Fall Semester
Wednesday, August 28 First day of fall semester
Monday, September 2 Labor Day (No classes CC; PB in session)
Friday, October 11 PB faculty in-service - no classes; CC in session
Friday, October 18 Parents Weekend (No classes)
Mon., Oct. 21 – Tues., Oct.22

No classes

Wednesday, October 23 PB faculty in-service - no classes; CC in session
Saturday, November 23 Travel Day (Boarding Students)
Sat., Nov. 23 – Mon., Dec. 2

Thanksgiving Week Break

Tuesday, December 3 Classes resume (Both campuses)
Friday, December 20 Last day of fall semester
Saturday, December 21 Travel Day (Boarding Students)
Sat., Dec. 21 – Sun., Jan. 5, 2020 Winter Break


Spring Semester
Monday, January 6, 2020 First day of spring semester
Monday, January 20 No classes: Martin Luther King Day
Friday, February 7 No classes: Faculty in-service day
Saturday, February 22 Travel Day (Boarding Students)
Sat., Feb. 22 – Sun., March 8

Spring Break

Monday, March 9 Classes resume
Thurs., April 16 – Mon., April 20 Travel Day (Boarding Students)
Tuesday, April 21 Classes Resume
Sunday, May 24 Commencement (Grade 12)
Monday, May 25 Memorial Day (No classes CC; PB in session)
Thursday, June 4 Last day of spring semester (PK-Grade 8)
Friday, June 5 Last day of spring semester (Grades 9-11)
Graduation (Grade 8)

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Vacation Travel Planning
2019-2020 Travel Planning

Athletic Pre-season Training