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Thank You, Advisory
Catherine Gu

There are many good things that Stevenson has brought into my life, one of them being my advisor. Though I initially did not understand the importance of advisory, or why it is even necessary, it is something that I now believe is essential to our Stevenson community.

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Finding Kind
Catherine Gu

We, the Atheneum Leadership Team, was returning from our event at the Carmel Campus, where we screened the documentary Finding Kind and were joined by the seventh and eighth grade girls for the evening. The documentary addressed the issue of girl-against-girl bullying. The two young women behind this campaign, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, sharing similar experiences with bullying during their childhoods, found that it was a common issue throughout all communities across the country. Their campaign took off to a start as they travelled the entire country, interviewing many girls about their personal experiences while promoting awareness and reconciliation on the issue. To say the least, it was an eye-opening experience.

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