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Sitting around "the fireplace"
Noah Sindell

January has hit our campus, along with most of the peninsula, with a huge storm. For two days, Stevenson’s electricity was cut-out, going on and off throughout the period. Although it was tough to keep the school running through the whole thing, the community worked together to face the problems nature gave to us.

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Avocado Toast Adventures
Catherine Gu

During the three-day extended weekend, my friends and I set on our journey to explore areas of the Monterey Peninsula where we have not been before. In the past two and a half years spent in this area, I slowly felt that I had begun to run out of options for places to go on the weekends.

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Learning through Food
Theresa Franscioni

These past two years I have gotten the change to have the same teacher for Spanish, Senora Allison. She is so animated and has found ways to make learning a language a lot more enjoyable. This year I am taking AP Spanish 4, and were tasked with the challenge of reading a full Latin American Novel. We read A Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Nobel Prize Winning Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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Christmas is Around the Corner
Catherine Gu

It is almost time for the holidays! The campus has been filled with joy and anticipation for the season, with every corner of it adorned with sparkling lights and tall-standing trees. I arrive in Rosen, where there are tables set up with lines of gingerbread houses waiting to be decorated. Outside, there is a line of cookies and hot chocolate. 

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