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Kiren Kanazawa ’20 Awarded Competitive Scholarship

Kiren Kanazawa ’20 was selected as a recipient of this year’s Yanai Tadashi Foundation scholarship. Mr. Yanai is the founder and the president of Fast Retailing, a Japanese retail holding company mostly known for its primary subsidiary Uniqlo. The Foundation launched the International Scholarship Program in 2016 in recognition of the importance of nurturing globally aware leaders who can flourish in their fields, initiate social change, and help create a better society for all. After a thorough screening, the selection committee awarded Kiren a scholarship under the Foundation’s program for her display of strong global leadership potential. This scholarship covers four years of college tuition and provides coverage for the cost of living. More information about this program can be found here. She will be attending Claremont McKenna College starting this fall. Congratulations, Kiren!