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French 2 and 2 Honors Students Design Dream Schools

French 2 and 2 Honors students were tasked with designing the school of their dreams, answering questions along the lines of where is your school situated, who are the students, who are the teachers, what is the mission and goal of the school.

While answers ranged from Atlantian demi-god training facilities to Swiss ski schools with Chipotle's and Starbucks for cafeteria food, the majority of students described a school very similar to Stevenson, most even remarking that Stevenson is their ideal school—dining hall and all the required courses included!

Ms. Maharjan shared, “It was simultaneously heartwarming and sad, but what we all agreed on at the end of presentations was that we are really fortunate to know Stevenson, and for those of us who get to come back in the fall, we will certainly be looking at our experience here with a lot more perspective and gratitude!” (Artwork by Fliss Francese '22)