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Grade 8 Students Travel to San Francisco to Attend Hamilton

On Wednesday, our Grade 8 students joined 8,000 peers to attend a special performance of Hamilton: An American Musical at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco. This Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning musical tells the story of Founding Father and Framer of the Constitution, Alexander Hamilton through modern music and story-telling methods.

The trip corresponds to our Grade 8 students’ history studies—including civics, the American Revolution, and the US Constitution—and will become a pivotal component of their history curriculum in the spring semester. The musical represents an intersection of many themes from history class, including historical significance, perspective, and interpretation; critical thinking; creative expression of ideas; and the overarching theme of globalization. In addition, Hamilton offers a valuable connection with the arts in music, dance, and theater.

This incredible experience was made possible for all Grade 8 students in Monterey County by a grant from the Dan and Lillian King Foundation to the Monterey County Constitution Project.