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Seniors and Grade 3 Students Collaborate on Writing Project

Seniors in Mrs. Bates’s Short Story elective recently partnered with Grade 3 students to collaborate on a creative writing project. The project began with seniors heading to Grade 3 to meet their partners, create a character map and decide the core conflict of their shared story. The Grade 3 and senior students then took turns writing different legs of the story, and the project culminated with a Grade 3 visit to the Pebble Beach campus, where the pairs reunited to read the story aloud to each other, enjoy lunch in Reid Hall, and engage in an epic game of kickball. "Having an authentic audience was super motivating for the Grade 3 students, and it allowed us to explore the various components of a plot arc in greater depth," says Grade 3 teacher Caroline Arrix. Learning outcomes for the seniors included honing their dialogue-writing skills--and being inspired by their young partners' wildly fun imaginations.