Students Discover the Naval Postgraduate School


Mr. Akcan's AP Physics C and Pre-Engineering classes visited the Naval Postgraduate School this week. The day started with a tour of campus and included the Academic Quad. Students then visited the Space Studies building and the lab. Mr. Giovanni Minelli ’02, a NPS faculty member, showed the group a CubeSat (miniaturized satellite in cube shape) and explained how they work and how they are built in their lab. Students then went to see a cybersecurity exhibit run by faculty and current NPS students to see how blockchains (all-in-one crypto company) work. As the last stop, students entered an anechoic chamber (a room designed to completely absorb reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves). Mrs. Bates and Ms. Sara Wilson helped chaperone the trip, and Mr. Akcan reported that the students were very engaged and intrigued by all the hands-on exhibitions and labs.

More information on NPS Discover Day can be found on their website here.