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Health Center Notice

As we plan ahead for the 2021-22 school year, we continue to focus on protecting the health and safety of our students and employees. Please take a moment to visit your child(ren)’s Magnus Health account as soon as possible to review and complete annual health requirements.

These requirements include:

  • Physical Evaluation (annual requirement)
  • Immunization Record (annual requirement)
  • Consent to Treat (annual requirement)
  • Vital Health Record (annual requirement)
  • COVID-19 History
  • Consent for Over the Counter Medication (for Lower and Middle Division)
  • Proof of Insurance (U.S.-based insurance)
  • If applicable:
    • Diabetes Management
    • Seizure Management
    • Allergy Management
    • Asthma Management
    • Prescription Medication During School Hours

All of these forms must be completed and submitted to Stevenson via Magnus Health by August 1, 2021. Please schedule an appointment with your child(ren)’s pediatrician well in advance of this deadline if they are due for their wellness check or if they missed it last year. If your child has already had their wellness check within the past 12 months, please upload a copy of that physical to their Magnus account. Be aware that every high school athlete is required to have an updated physical in order to be eligible to participate per CIF. 

Please contact Heidi Ley, RN (lower and middle division nurse) or Erica Sanborn, RN (upper division nurse) if you have any questions.