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After-School Notes for April 12

We are having a great time this spring in our after-school programming! Here are some fun highlights from the past couple weeks. 

Our Full STEAM Ahead! workshop for elementary girls completed their egg drop challenge project! Students worked in teams to protect an egg from a drop at the top of a 10-foot ladder. Two of our three teams finished with unbroken eggs! Please click here to see a slideshow of these very excited mini engineers.

In our Toy Photography Madness workshop (see photo above), Alex Mims, Grade 3, created a “rap concert” scene using Lego mini figures. Alex experimented with multiple angles and compositional elements in the process of capturing his outstanding final shot. Alex’s work exemplifies our goal for students to embrace the process of creating/making. Please click here to see the sequence of pictures of Alex’s great work.  

Reminder for the week: we will run our regularly scheduled after-school programming before and after the Spring Long Weekend, April 18–22.

If you have any further questions or feedback for the After-School Program, please contact Mr. Sosky at He would love to hear from you!