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Does Netflix Count as Online Learning? 9 Ways Families Cope With COVID-19

Stevenson’s leadership team recommends this upcoming Facebook Live event led by respected psychologist and parent, Dr. Christopher Thurber.

Saturday, April 18, at 1:00 pm ET / 10 am PT
Does Netflix Count As Online Learning?
Facebook Live Event: 9 Ways Families Cope With COVID-19

If you’ve felt forgetful, exhausted, and had more pointless arguments than usual with your child(ren), then…Congratulations! You’re normal and you’re invited to this Facebook Live with psychologist and parent, Dr. Christopher Thurber. An international expert on children’s mental health at schools and camps, Dr. Thurber has been a guest on CNN, NPR, TODAY, and MARTHA.

In this interactive and practical session, Dr. Thurber will answer mysterious questions, including: Why does my child miss the school they used to complain about every day? Why can’t Netflix count as online learning? And who said family time was precious? Seriously, tune-in for the inside (where else?) scoop on what's helping families around the world cope with COVID.

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We believe you will find this Facebook Live event particularly valuable as we support one another in coping with COVID-19.