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Message from Molly – January 11

Newly elected congresswoman Haley Stevens (D-MI) is co-president of a historically diverse freshman class of representatives and cousin to our fifth-grader Brogan Dolata! Stevens invited the Dolatas to stand with her for the Congressional swearing-in ceremony in Washington D.C. on January 3, and Brogan received a special seat on the House floor to watch the day’s proceedings. In the stunning picture above captured by Kevin Lamarque of Reuters, Brogan sits adjacent to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA), Representative Jahana Hayes (D-CT), Representative Lauren Underwood (D-IL) and Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) (L-R). Notice how Brogan provides balance to the frame, drawing the eye back to the top from its initial downward sweep from left to right and providing a point of resolution in signifying the very person these dynamic women have been elected to champion. This picture along with others of Brogan and her family have appeared in multiple news outlets including BBC World News and NBC News. What an auspicious start to the new year!