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Sue Denny Retires After 23 Years at Stevenson

After 23 years, Sue Denny recently shared that the current academic year would be her final one at Stevenson. Aimée Bates, associate head of the upper division and Sue's longtime colleague, asked to write a retirement announcement that would honor Sue's distinctive and beloved personality, character, and warmth. We join with her in thanking Sue for her significant contributions to Stevenson over the last two decades. Her humor, compassion, and intellect will be deeply missed. You can read Mrs. Bates' tribute at https://bit.ly/3g0daJu.

Mrs. Bates writes, “Ms. Denny is beloved as a teacher both for her truth telling and for the way that she knows, sees, and admires each one of her students—their talents and their fascinating foibles. It’s no surprise that she is one of the most sought-after advisors on campus. Dr. Hicks often says to students that Stevenson is full of ‘stellar adults, who give us the gifts of taking us slightly more seriously than we are ready to be taken, of having faith in us before we have faith in ourselves.’ Ms. Denny is every last bit one of these stellar adults.” 

Please join us in expressing our deepest gratitude to Ms. Denny and in wishing her all good days in her well-earned retirement by commenting on our Facebook page!

Photo credit: Brian Wedge