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Arrival FAQs for Residential Families

Note that Upper Division administrators will host a webinar for international residential families on Friday, June 25, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. PST, where these questions and answers will be discussed in detail. The recording will be made available on student and family Pirate Pages.

Will Stevenson require that any eligible students be vaccinated before coming back to school?

The School will continue to follow state guidance. At the present time, vaccinations for COVID-19 are not mandated for students.

If vaccinations aren’t required, how will Stevenson continue to mitigate risks of C19 spread?
  • The School will continue to follow state and county guidance, and take account of what we learned from our experience this spring, during which time we were able to safely provide campus instruction across all three divisions. We anticipate that the California Department of Public Health will not issue definitive school guidance for the fall semester until late July. You can expect to receive updated information from Stevenson soon after that guidance is issued.
Will Stevenson “accept” vaccinations from other countries, even if not approved by the FDA?
  • Yes, provided students can present proof of vaccination.
Whether vaccines are required or not, will Stevenson arrange a vaccine clinic for unvaccinated students? If so, when will it be or when will those dates be announced?
  • We will seek to arrange a vaccination clinic, and will announce those dates as soon as possible.
Will unvaccinated students be required to quarantine upon arrival to the area, if traveling by public transportation (plane, bus, etc.)? If so, for how long? Will students needing to quarantine be allowed to quarantine on campus?
  • The answer depends on state and county guidance that we don’t expect to have in hand until late July. Given the unknowns, and the scarcity of air tickets, we encourage families to join us in taking a conservative approach to this challenge, and assume that unvaccinated students will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test administered no more than 72 hours prior to arrival. Any unvaccinated student arriving by public transportation (air, rail, bus, etc.) will be required to spend 7 days with their local emergency contact or other, pre-identified friends/family before moving into the dorms, on top of the testing requirement outlined above. Families unable to secure an Emergency Adult Contact should be in touch immediately with Erik Olson, dean of students.
  • Furthermore, we anticipate that some students may need to travel to the US in early August and spend a longer period of time in the care of their Emergency Adult Contact, and others may arrive on campus later in September, after classes have begun. We are eager to work closely with each family, and encourage you to reach out to Erik Olson, dean of students. 
Will vaccinated students be required to quarantine upon arrival to the area, if traveling by public transportation? If so, for how long? 
  • If current conditions in Monterey County and California remain as they are at the time of writing, fully vaccinated students will be able to return directly to campus without a need for quarantine. Such students will be required to upload evidence of full vaccination (i.e., a copy of their vaccination card) prior to arrival, and also return a negative COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours old at the time of arrival.

    If conditions in Monterey or California change over the summer, resulting in a change of state and/or county guidelines, we will immediately communicate any required change in our arrival policy to all families.
Booking flights for the exact dates specified for my child’s return is really difficult right now - does the School offer any flexibility on my child’s arrival date?
  • The best plan is for students to arrange to stay with the local emergency contact or other friends or family in the area until their designated move-in date

  • The dormitories will be open from August 22 for preseason sports, with classes resuming on September 7. We encourage all students to participate in preseason sports, and understand that it may not be possible to arrive on an exact date due to the limited availability of flights. Students will not be disadvantaged in terms of team selection if their arrival for preseason is unavoidably delayed. 

  • Students not participating in pre-season sports may move into the dormitories from August 22 with prior permission from the dean of students and director of athletics, and will be required to participate in activities on campus (either in support of the athletics program, or in other activities we will develop based on need). Under no circumstances will students be allowed to return to the dorms without either enrolling in: a) a preseason athletics program, b) a support role in the athletics program or c) participation in other, all-day programming.

Will students (vaccinated and/or unvaccinated) be asked to participate in gateway testing before being allowed to come to campus?
  • The answer depends on state and county guidance that we don’t expect to have in hand until late July, but it seems safe to assume that gateway testing will be likely, and will be provided by the School. If more convenient, students may also get tested at independent testing locations within 72 hours of their return and upload or bring documentation of a negative result.
If students have already booked travel plans, and those plans have them arriving at Stevenson after the date they are required to arrive, what should they do? Will they be in remote learning until they are able to come to campus?
  • Students unable to reach campus until after classes have started will be able to learn remotely and asynchronously by way of Canvas, our learning management system. Students in this category should immediately contact Erik Olson, dean of students.
If students have questions about and/or trouble with securing a visa, where should they seek assistance?
  • Visa questions should be directed to Trish Collins in the admissions office.
How will Stevenson continue to monitor C19 spread once students return to campus in the fall? Will there be any asymptomatic testing, and if so, how often?
  • The School will continue to follow state and county guidance, and employ the measures that proved so successful for the weeks we were back on campus this spring. To be clear, county metrics were low enough during this period that schools were not required to conduct asymptomatic testing.
Where can I find information about the status and spread of COVID-19 in Monterey County? 
  • Monterey County provides a weekly data report, with metrics related to the spread and containment of COVID-19.
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