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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Visit Your Pirate Page to Complete Required Forms

In an effort to simplify and improve administrative processes at Stevenson, the school has recently implemented a new web-based student management system. This sophisticated platform is accessible through a portal on the school’s website called the Pirate Page that recognizes and responds to each family’s
individual needs, providing easy access to administrative forms, school services, and academic systems.

Lower and middle division parents received their Pirate Page login credentials and information about how to set up a Pirate Page account upon enrollment for the 2019–2020 academic year. Parents who have questions about accessing their Pirate Page may contact

Please be sure to visit your Pirate Page and click on the Enrollment Forms tab to complete the required forms before the start of the school year. Required forms include:

  • Student and Family Profile
  • Policies and Permissions
  • Grandparents Information Form
  • Vaccine Acknowledgement Form
  • Bus Transportation Contract
  • Pebble Beach Gate Pass