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Immunization and Communicable Illness

This section is excerpted from the “Student Health Policies, Procedures, and Practices” section of School student handbook, The Navigator.

In accordance with California law, the School requires all students to provide proof of up-to-date immunizations or a certificate of exemption before attending school. Proof of immunization should be recorded on a Certificate of Immunization form and signed by a medical professional. A student with a medical exemption must provide the School with an Immunization Exemption Certification, pursuant to state law. A Medical Immunization Exemption Certification must be signed by a medical professional, attesting that the student is exempt from a specific vaccine(s) because of medical reasons. Students who do not provide proof of up-to-date immunizations or qualify for an exemption will not be permitted to attend the School or participate in any School activities.

Students who are exempt from the state’s immunization requirements for medical reasons and who have provided the School with an Exemption Certification Statement may be prohibited from attending School and participating in School activities in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease. Students excluded from the School for this reason will not be permitted to return until (1) the danger of the outbreak has passed; (2) the student becomes ill with the disease and completely recovers; or (3) the student is immunized. In determining whether there is an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease, the School may consult with appropriate medical professionals and/or Monterey County Health Department.

Parents or guardians should consult http://www.shotsforschool.org/ to ensure that their child is up to date with these requirements. International students who do not have access to all of the required vaccines should allow enough time to obtain their vaccines locally prior to the start of school. Our nurses may help students and their families find a pharmacy or physician’s office where the student may receive the appropriate vaccines.

Communicable Illness
The School may exclude any student or employee who has a communicable illness or has been exposed to an infected person if the School determines, in its sole discretion, that such exclusion is appropriate for the welfare of the person who is excluded from School and/or the welfare of other people at the School. In reaching the decision to exclude a person from the School, the School may consult with appropriate medical professionals and/or the Monterey County Health Department.

Health and safety communications regarding communicable illnesses
If and when appropriate, the School will disseminate information to students and families regarding campus health and safety issues through regular internal communication channels. For example, the School may provide families with information about the nature and spread of communicable illnesses, including symptoms and signs to watch for, as well as required steps to be taken in the event of an epidemic or outbreak. Of course, we encourage all parents and guardians to contact medical professionals with any questions or concerns about communicable illnesses or immunization issues.