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Campus Experience

We will adhere to CDC and CDPH protocols as we return to campus instruction and will adjust these daily expectations as conditions and guidance permit. 

Campus Instruction

We expect students in grades 9-12 to begin safely returning to campus instruction in accordance with state and county guidance after spring break, which occurs March 27-April 4. We are in communication with the county’s public health authorities to gain permission to reopen our dormitories on the same timeline, and we will provide updates, including staggered arrival dates for students, as we learn more. 

Remote Instruction

  • Families not ready or able for their children to return to campus instruction will continue to enjoy access to remote instruction. 
  • Remote students will follow the same daily schedule as students receiving campus instruction.

Academics and daily schedule

Our revised daily schedule for the spring, for those students who return to campus instruction, will permit adherence to recommended safety protocols by, for example, minimizing unstructured time when students may find it difficult to follow physical distancing guidelines. It will also enable students who cannot attend classes in person to participate fully.  

Daily Schedule

The school day starts at 9:00 a.m. with an open study period, when students can prepare for the day ahead, or schedule meetings with teachers, advisors, or support staff (learning specialists, counselor, college counselors etc). At 10:00 a.m. every day, our community time block allows for advisory meetings and student clubs and activities. Classes begin daily at 10:45 a.m., with the first period followed by a lunch break. If a day student does not have class scheduled for the first period of the day, they will attend advisory and community time obligations remotely and should not come to campus before their first class (i.e. after the lunch break). 

Community activities that would require large gatherings (such as assemblies and class meetings) will continue on a virtual platform, and we will make evening slots available for student-led club meetings. Students in distant time zones will receive priority for extra help during afternoon open study periods, as local and domestic students will have access to teachers and advisors in the morning. Classes will end by 4:00 p.m. to allow time for athletics practices and other activities to meet after school.

Information for students residing in distant time zones

The spring daily schedule will allow students in distant time zones to participate in three periods out of four each day, while providing time for those on campus to participate in athletics and other co-curricular activities after school as permitted by the prevailing conditions and regulations. Our rotating schedule means that the morning class, which is challenging for some international students to attend, will rotate every other day between classes—this means any student attending the morning class asynchronously will only miss live instruction once every 8 cycle days.

During remote instruction, students are following a daily schedule that is comparable to their normal schedule, enjoying a similar amount of contact time with their teachers, generally have access to both synchronous and asynchronous instruction, and are continuing to receive all standard support services.

Information for day students

Day students are encouraged to only be on campus during their scheduled classes and commitments; to be clear, they are not required to arrive until their first class period of the day, and they will be both permitted and generally expected to leave after their final class period. We will utilize SchoolPass to track attendance and facilitate students’ daily symptom checks. 

Day students who have significant unscheduled time due to their schedule that day will be permitted to sign out and return home (with prior approval from their parents or guardian and the dean of students’ office). For students and families who need to be on campus for the full school day (due to, for example, work commitments or other transportation constraints), the School will provide supervised study spaces that meet physical distancing and hygiene guidelines. 


In order to protect student health and safety in the opening weeks of the reopening, the School’s lunch service will be temporarily suspended for day students, who will join with employees in bringing lunches and snacks from home, and eating in designated areas while practicing physical distancing under adult supervision. We are adding additional covered outdoor seating for students to eat lunch while remaining physically distanced. 

Additionally, students who do not have a class scheduled for the first period of the day are expected to eat lunch at home before coming to campus. We hope to reinstitute day student food service later in the semester; day families will be appropriately credited in keeping with established practice. 

Learning spaces

  • Our average class size of 12 students, our geographical location in an area with a temperate year-round climate, and a campus with considerable and easily modified outdoor spaces, present significant advantages when adapting our teaching spaces to meet physical distancing requirements. 
  • We recognize that physical distancing will be challenging for students, so we will provide adult supervision to help monitor their behavior in shared study spaces that meet all required distancing guidelines. 

Reopening Checklist

The following items are associated with program modifications related to the pandemic. Families will be alerted should any additions be made.
  • Obtain four cloth masks for each student.
  • Download and begin using our daily symptom check app SchoolPass, if you own a smartphone. If you do not own a smartphone, you can use the app on your computer.
  • Receive a COVID-19 vaccine, once it becomes available.
  • All 9-12 day families and boarding students should obtain digital oral thermometers in order to take temperature each morning before school.
  • If a student’s return to campus requires air travel, take account of the School’s expectations in this regard. 
  • Reserve time for our virtual orientation sessions for students and their families (dates and times TBD).
  • Be alert: Students need to schedule a gateway COVID-19 test 2-3 days before returning for campus instruction.
  • All 9-12 day students should prepare to pack daily lunches and snacks.

Please be aware that these plans will continue to be adjusted based on changing conditions and/or guidance from the CDC, state, or county. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Olson and/or Ms. Knowles