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Travel Policy

Please note: we understand that some travel may be truly unavoidable (i.e., 9-12 resident students making their way to the region in advance of their return to campus) and ask everyone to take the proper and necessary precautions. If your travel is unnecessary, we ask you to give serious thought to remaining in place. We also urge caution to those planning to share spaces with others outside of their household, or who might be gathering for events, holidays, or observances. 

All Division Travel

The travel policy outlined below was designed in accordance with CDC guidelines. Please note that California still has a travel advisory in effect.

As a courtesy to our teachers, please complete the attendance form you will find in Havalo, or contact the nurse (Heidi Ley, RN, lower and middle division nurse; Erica Sanborn, RN, upper division day nurse) directly. Any student needing to quarantine during instructional days will be able to attend classes remotely until their quarantine period has ended. 

Travelers who have used any form of public transportation (e.g. plane, train, bus, boat) may return to campus once they have received a negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 PCR test taken between three and five days after returning from travel, and quarantined for a total of seven days. 

Travelers may return to campus without testing provided they quarantine for ten days.

Please email results of any PCR tests taken in accordance with these rules to Heidi Ley, RN and/or Erica Sanborn, RN in advance of any return to campus. 

For individuals who do travel, we strongly recommend the following:  

  • Adhere to The Pirate Pledge’s public health safety measures during your trip
  • Get tested 1-3 days prior to traveling and 3-5 days after your return. Do not travel if your test is positive. If your test is positive upon return, you must isolate for at least 10 days (and until symptoms improve and you are without a fever for at least 24 hours). Inform everyone with whom you have come into close contact within the 48 hours preceding your onset of symptoms or within 48 hours of your positive test result if asymptomatic.

A Special Note Regarding Travel by Private Vehicle
If you or your enrolled child travel by personal vehicle with members of your immediate household, and all travelers follow public health safety measures during the trip, there is no need for a quarantine period upon your return.

Upper Division Travel

As the upper division prepares for returning to campus instruction, please consider the following:

Anyone not staying locally who cannot get to Stevenson to receive a COVID-19 test will need to schedule an appointment to be tested where they reside.


Lower and Middle Division
Heidi Ley, RN

School Nurse

Sylvia Ishii

Dean of Student Life

Upper Division
Erica Sanborn, RN

Day Nurse

Erik Olson

Dean of Students