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Core Leadership California

Find your voice. Live your values. Learn to lead.


Core Leadership California (CLCA) students work with world-class mentors in a culturally diverse residential setting. Students practice the capacities and skills they need to lead with resilience, courage, and integrity; connect authentically with themselves, peers, and mentors; communicate across cultural divides, and respect the natural world through surfing, kayaking, and hiking.




How can we make healthy values-driven decisions, especially as citizens and leaders in diverse communities?


Our answers to frequently asked questions.


How do we connect with nature?


How do we uphold the core values of safety, trust, respect, belonging, and inclusion when we're living and learning together?

A program designed for the Stevenson School by Mindful Warrior© 2018.

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  • CLCA-Ed (for educators) is mid-career educators or professionals working with youth who have a demonstrated history of working with students at the intersection of social justice, identity development, mindfulness, civic engagement, citizenship, and leadership education. This includes coaches, chaplains, deans of students, deans of equity and inclusion, admissions officers, deans of health and well-being, counselors, and classroom teachers. 

  • CLCA (for students) will run again in 2021. This residential program is open to current sophomores in high school through current freshmen in college, ages 15-19 years old. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Please inquire if you have any questions.


Stevenson School
3152 Forest Lake Road
Pebble Beach, CA 93953


We are here to help. Reach us at:

Alana Puryear
Program Coordinator
Ph: 831-250-5479