Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Outdoor Leadership

We believe that outdoor experiential education provides essential training for developing grounded 21st-century leaders who are deeply connected to land and environment and value the natural world. The challenges presented by a nature-based education give our students a chance to apply the emotional intelligence skills they cultivate throughout the program. The landscape of California's central coast provides a memorable setting for outdoor experiences that inspire awe, create an authentic connection with nature, and offer a chance to reflect.

No Experience Necessary

Hiking, sea kayaking, and surfing are core elements of the outdoor program. No prior swimming, camping, or water sports experience is necessary to attend the program.

Outdoor skills are taught to meet the individual needs and experience levels of each student.

"Before I came here, I never noticed nature. But now I take pleasure in noticing nature, and the mindful practices help me to be aware not only of myself and my emotions, but of my surrounding environment."
- Natasha, Monte Cassino HS (Zimbabwe)

Aerial shot of students in kayaks

Trained Professionals

All of the necessary outdoor equipment is provided, and trained professionals are present for all water-based activities.

Summer Programs