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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Residential Life


Residential life is a critical component of upholding a values-driven culture within the Core Leadership California experience. Residential faculty and staff play a key role in supporting students as they create and maintain a culture that honors safety, trust, respect, belonging and inclusion, and that follows all program standards of conduct. Students are paired with one or two roommates, and common spaces allow for bonding time that creates lifelong friendships. Meals are eaten in Stevenson's dining hall, with the exception of special events and travel days. During scheduled open times, Core Leadership California students have supervised access to the Stevenson pool and gym, and are able to walk the beautiful campus grounds.




Summer Programs

Student Voices

"I realize that we're all from different parts of the world, but when you look into yourself and you get to know yourself, and you start realizing that other people are doing the same, you realize that you're all actually connected."
- Avi, The Hotchkiss School

Further details about what to bring are included in the welcome letter.
depicting residential life