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“When tasked with dealing with a conflict, I have learned to move forward in a way that is mutually beneficial, instead of saying that one argument is the winner."           

Stevenson School, CLCA ’16

Kate and Kevin

“Such a deep and rich experience is impossible to summarize properly, but the “gem” of Core Leadership California is that Amelia learned how effective and authentic leadership begins within oneself.”        

CLCA Parent ’16


“During those weeks, a diverse group of students bonded over shared values, mutual love and respect. It is a kind of community I had never experienced before and I hope to experience again.”

Stevenson School, CLCA '16


"I cannot get enough of Core Leadership because every second I am a part of the program I find out something new about myself as an individual, and as a leader." 

Union College, CL '13


"Since graduating from Core Leadership California, I have been able to harness all the positives from these traits and apply them to my academic, athletic, and social life, while working on transforming my negative traits." 

California State University, Monterey Bay, CLCA '16


“You will feel loved and supported and challenged. There might be times you want to give up and go home, but by the end of the program you won’t want to leave." 

Yale University, CL '12


"Immediately following Core Leadership, I found myself checking in with friends and family in more meaningful ways that allowed me to open doors to deeper relationships that I didn’t even know were possible."  

Yale University, CL '13


“I now have a daughter who is exploring more leadership roles to advocate for our Native American people and the beautiful, pristine lands that await her and seven more generations.”      

CLCA Parent ’16


"The design of the program magically opened my heart to feel the brokenness around me, gently but powerfully guided me to find my inner yearning, and eventually inspired me to pay attention to both intellectual and spiritual growth." 

Stevenson School, CLCA '16


“What two weeks at Core Leadership will do is force you to listen to yourself. It’s not easy work and I assure you there will be tears of both laughter and sadness as well as moments of profound silence."    

Yale University, CL '14


"Core Leadership California helped me find (part of) myself during a time in my life when the most important thing I needed was inner stability."           

Hopkins School, CLCA '16


"You might leave with more questions than answers about who you are after Core (that’s why we always come back!). But you will meet amazing people with even more amazing stories and create a family that you will always be connected to.”

Amherst College, CL '13