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Core Leadership California for Educators

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Core Leadership - Stevenson School
A unique opportunity:

  • Refine your inner capacities and skills as an authentic leader and mentor.
  • Walk on Carmel beach, play in the ocean, hike along the Pacific coast, rest, and reflect.
  • Build a valuable network of professionals from around the world to support you as you build brave spaces, mentor and educate youth leaders, and lead meaningful and sustainable social and institutional change.



What people are saying...

"Know yourself so you can know others…"  -Paul Buckley

"Integrity, deep respect, community..."  -Debra Kelliher, MA

"Transformational..."  -Erika Hairston

"This program heals hearts, stimulates minds, sets destinies in motion..."  -Tiffany De Martin

"Each programmatic element spoke to my core, calling me to go deep...
-Paula Whatley Matabane, Ph.D.

"Deeply integrated approach and transformational learning environment..." -Valerie Brown

"Fill our minds so that our souls can speak..." -Jada K. Hebra

"Acknowledge and harness the power of intersectionality..."  -Mashadi Matabane

"Inspiring, empowering, life changing..." -Nanci and Bill Perocchi

"This leadership program gave me the tools to find myself as a leader."  -Aliah Hicks

"..helped me grow tremendously as a leader and a person." -Jeremy Heath

"I discovered who I am and found my purpose..." -Monique

"CLCA is a leadership program par excellence...innovative, inspirational, values-driven, rigorous, beautiful, life-changing..." -Rev. Amani Legagneur

"It was a brave space that allowed us to be vulnerable..." -Kamsi

"This has been such a profound and powerful week for me…" -John McVeigh

"I highly recommend the program!" -Reggie Breland

"I loved the outdoor education component, as well as the connection to nature". -Ben Bruce

"Finding my true north and intention in all facets of my life is the only way to practice effective leadership…" -Bo Buller

"CLCA-Ed has been so beneficial not only as an educator but also as a fellow human being..." -Isabella Hill

2022 Program Dates:

Summer 2022 (more details TBD)


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