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Tier Two (Don't Delete)

Afternoon Sports

Stevenson's athletic facilities are modern and extensive and include two playing fields, eight tennis courts, a swimming pool, gymnasium, ropes course, and an all-weather track. The campus is adjacent to several fine golf courses.

Each afternoon is divided into two periods. The first period features instructional sports clinics. The second period is devoted to intramural team competition.

Sports Clinics

The afternoon sports clinics are designed to introduce campers to new sports, as well as to improve a camper’s skill in a sport they already play. Campers may select two sports clinics that they will attend on alternate days. The clinics concentrate on fundamentals and help campers become more proficient in the sports they enjoy. Priority for enrollment in sports clinics will be given to campers enrolled in the five-week program.

Intramural Team Competition

The second period in the afternoon is devoted to intramural team competition, which stresses teamwork and participation. Enthusiastic counselor / coaches strive for the proper balance between competitive fun and good sportsmanship. Participation and achievement awards are presented at a special Parent / Camper Assembly held the last day of camp.

Sports Clinics


This clinic is for the novice or the experienced archer and offers the opportunity to work toward camp archery awards.


This clinic’s emphasis is on dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive skills, with some time spent on team play.

Beginning Golf

Campers will learn the basics of the game of golf. The clinic focuses on swing instruction and putting. Campers will walk to local driving ranges and putting greens and finish by playing a local par 3 course. A separate fee of $100 is required to cover range and course fees.


This clinic offers all campers a chance to learn, practice and experience many forms of dance.


This clinic provides an introduction to fencing. Students will learn how to use the three sword types along with stances, defense and offense. All safety equipment and other required gear will be provided.

Flag Football

The game of American football is introduced, including passing, catching, defending, and strategy. Campers will learn skills necessary for multiple positions and participate in practice scrimmages.

Frisbee Games

Using various types of Frisbees and discs, campers in this clinic play new and different games, many of which are variations on the popular sports of ultimate Frisbee and disc golf.


Campers in this clinic will explore local nature trails through the Del Monte Forest and along the scenic coast.


This clinic introduces the fundamentals of one of the oldest original North American games. Participants will work on passing and catching, cradling and strategies. Some equipment will be provided, but campers who already own sticks should bring them.


This clinic will provide practice and playing time to campers who want to play this popular sport.

Softball / Baseball

Batting, fielding, base running, and pitching are just some of the skills that will be taught and practiced in the clinic. There will also be plenty of game time.

Strength & Conditioning

This clinic concentrates on techniques that improve individual strength and condition. The clinic utilizes Stevenson’s extensive facilities including the weight room, track, and pool to help campers focus on their overall fitness.


The swimming clinic is designed to improve recreational and competitive skills. Individual instruction will be given to each person according to his or her swimming ability. Beginners and accomplished age group swimmers can improve their stroke technique and endurance.


Using Stevenson’s courts as well as other local courts, campers are introduced to basic tennis skills and other racket sports. Individuals will be grouped according to playing ability. Be sure to bring your racket if you have an interest in playing tennis either in a clinic or in your free time. (Please indicate if camper is a beginner or an avid player.)


This clinic will focus on the skills and strategies used in volleyball including serving, bumping, setting and spiking. All skill levels.

Water Polo

This clinic will focus on the skills and strategies of the sport of water polo. Swimming skills are recommended.

World Games

Campers have the opportunity to play team games that are popular in other countries. Games such as field hockey, team handball, rugby, Aussie rules, and sepak takraw are introduced and played.