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Resident Camper Information

The resident camper's experience at Stevenson is truly special.

Because the camp runs for five weeks, the resident campers and the camp counselors become a close-knit "summer family." Resident campers are always a diverse group, traveling to Stevenson from overseas, from out of state, and from just across town.

What is resident camp life at Stevenson like?

Campers share a room with one or two other campers in the Stevenson dormitories. The dorms are divided by gender and age, have spacious common areas, and also house the counselors. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are planned meals served in Stevenson's cafeteria at Reid Hall. Meal times are a great opportunity for resident campers to get to know one another. While the resident campers share the same experience as the day campers from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Evening and Weekend Activities provide additional bonding time that tends to make the whole camp experience more memorable for many campers. For information about what resident campers should pack, please click here.