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Stevenson offers a variety of rigorous courses in a wide range of academic subjects, some of which are designated as “honors” and others that are “AP.” AP® courses transcend traditional secondary level courses: they are designed to be taught on a college level; they are intended for students who are skilled, hard-working, and ambitious; and they are taught by teachers who are passionate and well-prepared. It is not appropriate for a student to take too many of these courses, because our experience has shown that doing so does not allow for a healthy, balanced life. For this reason AP exams may be taken, and AP portfolios submitted, only with the prior approval of the administration.

AP courses prepare students for a nationally standardized exam in May, which is scored on a scale of one to five. A score of three or better is considered passing (“qualified”), while a score of four or five (“well-qualified” or “extremely well-qualified”) will often earn a student placement or credit in college (although individual colleges’ policies vary considerably). Here is data about Stevenson students’ experience with AP courses and exams in 2019:

  • 31% were 5
  • 64% were 4’s and 5’s
  • 87% were 3’s or higher
  • 92% of Stevenson seniors took one or more AP courses during their time at Stevenson

This performance reflects the rigor of our courses, the quality of our faculty, and the talent, hard work, and diverse intellectual interests among our students. It is a component of our school culture about which we are justifiably proud. But it is only one component. As a school, we are not in the business of merely cultivating high SAT scores and strong AP results; we aim for something higher, deeper, and richer for each of our students.

To learn more about the AP Program, visit the College Board website.

Stevenson expects that students will have a strong foundation when they enter an honors or AP course and will have the ability to manage much of the work on their own. If they are struggling with some of the concepts, we expect them to take the initiative to seek out extra help from their teachers. With rare exceptions, students in an honors or AP course should not work with tutors; Stevenson does not provide tutors for honors or AP courses.

Stevenson AP courses prepare students for the following exams:

AP English Literature

AP US History
AP World History
AP Art History
AP Economics: Macroeconomics

AP French Language
AP Japanese Language and Culture
AP Latin
AP Spanish Language and Culture
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Music Theory
AP Drawing
AP 2-D Art and Design (includes photography)