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A Rigorous, Creative Experience

Our arts program offers all students a rigorous creative experience that is personally rewarding and a central component of their education. Students in the arts are exposed to expert, compassionate teachers who model and share their zeal for lifelong learning. Delightfully distinct to the arts department is the daily creating of art by students, in a safe and supportive forum where teachers demonstrate by practicing alongside them. We want our students to build confidence in their ability to express themselves and to communicate to a greater audience, so we help them master foundational skills -- from drawing one-point perspective to matching a musical pitch. We emphasize experiential learning where students are encouraged to engage in projects with personal ownership for decision-making and creative risk-taking, followed by reflection and constructive analysis of their effort. We want our students to both appreciate traditional methods and also recognize and celebrate the myriad ways in which people create art. We thereby consider each student to be an individual creator or performer: we encourage them to ponder and investigate the questions, “Who am I?” and, “What story might I tell?”.

Students considering college programs will be guided and mentored to reach their artistic goals. Students seeking to try—even once—to draw, dance, act, sing, paint, play an instrument, craft pottery, develop photographs or design digitally will receive great encouragement and experience the joy and satisfaction inherent to making art.


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To read complete course descriptions, please view our current Curriculum Guide below:

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