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Academic Resources

What you need to succeed

For more than sixty years, to come to Stevenson has always been to challenge others, to be challenged by others, and to challenge oneself; to define and pursue excellence free of perfectionism; to dream big and master the art of the possible; to learn how to work well alone and together; to become brave; to become humble; to discover that character and wisdom must finally be realized in decisive and often collaborative action. In this project, we seek a dynamic balance between cultivating students’ healthy self-sufficiency and providing them with the support and clear standards they need in order to thrive. The constellation of advisors and resources that are part of each student’s experience are uniquely aligned to support this work.

On Campus Resources

Faculty Advisors

The integrity of the relationship among Faculty Advisors, students, and parents is essential to Stevenson’s ethos. Every new student is assigned a Faculty Advisor who is responsible for attending to that student’s academic and personal progress. The Faculty Advisor is the primary link between the school and the advisee’s parents or guardians, and generally serves as a nodal point for communication regarding the advisee. Parents with concerns and questions about their child should generally call her or his Faculty Advisor first.

Each Faculty Advisor meets regularly with her or his advisees individually and as a group, and follows a common calendar designed to address their needs in a timely manner.

At the end of each academic year, returning students are invited to list the Faculty Advisors to whom they would like to be assigned in the following year. Though it is best for students to remain with their advisor to create consistency and continuity in their experience, and advisee groups are limited in size in order to assure equitable distribution of each Faculty Advisor’s attention, the school makes every effort to assign students seeking a change to one of their preferred choices. Any questions or concerns regarding an advisor assignment should be directed to the Dean of Students.

College Center

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